The HPM Corporation was founded in 1877, and originally manufactured apple presses. Circa 1903, The Johnson Pottery Co. also occupied a portion of the Property. During World War II, the factory began manufacturing hydraulic presses to build armament, airplanes and ammunition. After WWII, manufacturing operations were modified from hydraulic metal stamping presses to hydraulic plastic molding presses. HPM closed operations and vacated the property in 2002.

Legacy Hydraulic Services LLC specializes in the repair/remanufacturing of HPM Radial Pumps, Controls and Valves.  We also provided remanufactured pumps available for immediate exchange.  Call for pricing and stock availability.  We look forward to being of service!

Model Number
7R100 = 3110-50
7R200 = 3110-110
7R400 = 3110-185
R-3X = 3110-1
R-3X = 3110-2
R-15X = 3110-5
R-15X = 3110-7
R-30X = 3110-11
R-45X = 3110-22
R-50X = 3110-23
R-55X = 3110-28
R-60X = 3110-30